Jumaat, 27 April 2012

Love is what ?

owners all love so,people say love is blind. for me, love is a gift to one of his men to assess something that we are not blind in the liver but may be blind in the eye. love verses like now I'm looking for friends not look at his appearance but the heart. I am looking for friends not for money he is but the heart. I am looking for friends not because he was clever, but the heart. Everyone wants to evaluate the heart. But the heart of what we want right? see our friend the handsome vast disappointment. see friends who drink starbucks food we choked. see other friends are brilliant future. we think our friends in the day after tomorrow will be a decent load. Nowadays young women prefer men from the boys urban gray. I do not blame women. because the study shows that men be romantic after age 40tahun. more and more great old man. more and more bitter old woman. mustika queen can help. Staple not only for Hamidah.
man all can not believethe woman said. why? is it only men who mengorat women? but if there are reactions? the wrong women. I also want to say as a man nor woman can be embraced. I will look wear hijab headscarf. I wear a skirt would look right lane where the open. lah note we have a different shape. but believe Lah. men just like to see but the heart will not decay. no man who wants his wife's assets are exposed to the public. because of its exclusive where a husband? yeah there may be some places but not necessarily a man can marry 4 be the source of his passion 4 times. imagine if a woman can marry 4 how? like a factory boss is 4. like a nest 4 animals. like a ship captain is 4. just like heaven, hell 3kali 1x.
trust is very important.when friends say he is out with gentle do not we think Latifah. if a friend out with nazrah do not think naz. naz good for his people. ashamed ashamed to go out with girls. I naz nice boy. If he grabbed you deserve friends already lah. Lisa Surihani he can qualify. further debilitated spouses you. ah over already. I know it is difficult to build trust. who do we think of one hand clapping. beliefs such as extinction of dinosaurs, but ultimately for what? whereas it is the largest and most vicious animal in the world. small small bug is still alive up to this time. because it sticks to the answers themselves.

follow the death of conscience is what people say.but when we are in confusion people would say follow the conscience as well. ah where one wants the follow. I love when I know where his level. follow the words they say feel destroyed, and what I feel like a grain of sugar that is not useful in the sense of his food and drink. it true what people say, the greatest of great theirs. if people are not great with those new to say that the greatest match? sweepers as waste by an accountant? doctor with patient aids? prostitutes with teacher? maknyah with ustazah? I do not think today we can see our marriage, because we do not marry because of faith and love only with the intention of trying to get better soon. it should completely match remains. no short or long term partner. if the first second and third permanent divorce. a new third mate actually called. Marriage is not adopting the brain but the heart. asks if I am wrong please use the brain is not a knife. tok experience mudin enough is greeted me wearing a knife.
may undertake the most difficult.I never promised to turn back on while I love kfc mcd. I never promised to wear jeans when I am afraid the second circumcision. My loyalty is to your happiness. I am happy when you do not have to worry for the faithful. because I did what was best to make you happy. if you think I fear make one, sorry. The only happiness I promise. and still most delicious kfc from mcd.

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